Our integrated information and communication technology provides clients with continuity of representation from the inception of the foreclosure case through the closing of the REO transaction.

Litigation. MDK is fortunate to have attracted a number of highly-qualified and experienced attorneys to its roster. All of our attorneys come to MDK with litigation experience and are widely recognized for their ability to prepare, try and win cases. While our attorneys are formidable adversaries, they understand that a favorable settlement is often more valuable to our clients than a victory in the courtroom.

Loss Mitigation. MDK works closely with its clients to offer a full range of alternatives to foreclosure including HAMP modifications, mediations, consent judgments and forbearance agreements. Every effort is made to balance the interests of all the parties to preserve homeownership, which is the best result for our clients.

Foreclosure. MDK is an industry leader in efficiently managing the complex foreclosure process in each of our states. We also understand that efficiency must be balanced with the time required to ensure quality representation and the exhaustion of all foreclosure alternatives. MDK achieves this balance through detailed preparation and a commitment to fairness on every file.

Bankruptcy. With decades of proven experience to its credit, MDK’s bankruptcy unit provides our clients with seamless, expedited bankruptcy case management. The integrity of our attorneys and staff is recognized by courts, trustees and debtors’ counsel and is the reason for our effective resolution of bankruptcy matters.

Evictions. Our attorneys and staff are skilled at handling the legal, administrative and human aspects of evictions in a manner that meets client timeframes, while respecting the rights and plans of the occupants. MDK offers a variety of services and programs to assist occupants in their relocation efforts.

Title and REO Closing Services