Regional Expertise

MDK offers comprehensive default legal services in Ohio, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Florida, Indiana and Kentucky.

Our expansion across the region is the result of listening closely to the needs of our clients who told us that the regional approach made practical sense for them.

Challenged with regulating a network of law firms, clients have found that MDK offers one relationship for six complicated jurisdictions. A further advantage is that we closely coordinate with our clients on the implementation of compliance initiatives throughout the region.

One Relationship. Six States.

Quality and Performance: The MDK Trademark

Quality legal work and efficient throughput have always been the defining characteristics of MDK. We consistently receive comments from the courts about the high quality of our work and the professionalism of our attorneys. We are also repeatedly ranked “best in state” by our clients for exceeding performance and compliance goals.

In an environment where there is no room for error and every need for efficiency, it is necessary to have the process in place to achieve these objectives simultaneously.

MDK’s quality control process has been adopted by major servicers and suggested as a best practice to default counsel throughout the industry. Utilizing a checklist system, all key documents undergo an extensive peer review process to ensure the highest level of conformity with client and court requirements.

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Built for the New Regulatory Environment

With increased federal and state regulation, mortgage servicers need more than just competent lawyers; they need to partner with a professional legal organization that also possesses a proven record of compliance and risk management.

Our attorneys and managers have a clear understanding of the audit and compliance requirements facing our clients. We have welcomed the current focus on auditing systems and processes by inviting clients to our Columbus headquarters to review every aspect of our operation. To provide us with an even deeper perspective, we have also employed outside law firms, accounting firms and information technology firms to audit these same areas.

We built our technological and physical infrastructure to meet the most stringent security guidelines of our clients. The legal work of our firm is performed by an experienced group of attorneys. Our professional management team is led by a seasoned executive of the banking industry.

The result is that MDK has blended the legal capacity of a premier law firm with the business sophistication of a financial institution.

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Engaging Quality People

MDK is fortunate to have attracted a highly qualified workforce. But effective teamwork requires putting the right people in the right roles. The legal work of our firm is performed by a distinguished group of attorneys and paralegals. The business operations of our firm are managed by a group of credentialed and experienced business professionals. Together these groups coordinate legal decision-making and streamlined processes to manage the risk on our clients’ default portfolios.

MDK has created a unique business culture that embodies the values of our organization:

· Education. MDK has developed a comprehensive training program on all aspects of the law and the industry that it serves. We organize and administer courses through a robust online learning management system that includes assessments at each level of the curriculum.

· Diversity. We are committed to the diversity of our people and to the career advancement of people from all backgrounds including race, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, language, abilities/disabilities or sexual orientation. We have been recognized for our commitment to hiring and promotion of members of the deaf community.

· Health. A healthy workforce is a critical component of a healthy business. MDK conducts daily fitness classes, pays its employees to ride a bike to work, sponsors intramural sports teams and participates in a number of community fitness competitions.

· Community. MDK is a positive force in the legal community, working closely with local, regional, and state leaders on legislative issues and contributing at industry conferences and events. We also participate in a number of community social organizations such as Columbus Housing Partnership, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Columbus and Columbus Speech and Hearing.

These attributes of a progressive work environment continue to attract the quality people that make a difference to our business success.

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