Allodial Title Agency

Allodial Title Agency has been providing high quality title insurance products and closing services for more than 30 years. With offices located throughout Ohio, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Indiana and Kentucky, Allodial Title provides comprehensive solutions to law firms, mortgage servicers, mortgage lenders, banks and asset management companies. Through its affiliation with Manley Deas Kochalski, one of the region’s premiere default litigation law firms, Allodial Title is able to leverage the legal expertise, management team and technology that has made the MDK law firm an industry leader. The result is quality services, efficiently delivered, an MDK trademark.

One Focus. Regional Expertise.

Allodial Title specializes in Real Estate Owned (REO) transactions. Clients faced with the challenges of closing assets that have been through a long, difficult judicial process find exceptional value in working with a title agency and law firm that have default expertise throughout the five-state region. From Philadelphia to Chicago, Allodial Title provides this comprehensive service through a single point of contact.

Portfolio Management and Technology.

The Allodial Title professionals approach their work as both experienced title specialists and portfolio managers. While each asset has its unique characteristics, our reporting technology allows our clients a high degree of transparency into the progress of files at an individual and aggregate level. Our proprietary case management software, along with the full utilization of SoftPro Enterprise Edition, provides a workflow solution that streamlines the internal aspects of the process while also providing clients with exceptional reporting.

REO Closings.

Cradle-to-grave service has become the standard in the industry with good reason:
The client retains the value of the foreclosure title product throughout the closing. Tight coordination with our attorneys, who are experienced with the particular requirements of each state’s court system, means that underwriting begins early in the foreclosure process. Further cost savings are also realized by eliminating common delays for title curative work, recording sheriff’s deeds and confirming payment of real estate taxes.

Title and Field Services.

Allodial Title’s network of title examiners, closers and couriers serve as an extension of our operations in the field. Utilizing advanced handheld technology, our field service representatives can immediately retrieve documents, check court filings and communicate directly with the courts and agencies for more productive title and field work.

National Asset Donation Program.

Allodial Title coordinates the transfer of certain foreclosed assets to nonprofit organizations and land banks on a nationwide basis. The program is designed to help restore communities through the framework of the U.S. Housing and Urban Development’s Neighborhood Stabilization Program. When the financial institution donates or sells discounted REO (bank owned) properties to approved organizations, thebuildings are often either renovated for ownership or razed to make room for green space or new construction. Working through its own offices and a national network of default title agencies, the NADP Team manages the entire process from contract to close.

Affiliated Entities.

Trade Associations:

  • American Land Title Association
  • Ohio Land Title Association
  • Kentucky Land Title Association
  • Indiana Land Title Association
  • Illinois Land Title Association


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